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Company/Corporate drug testing services,

If your company does not currently have an Employee Drug-Alcohol Screening Program or if you are not happy with your current Drug Testing Provider for any reason, such as slow service, hours of availability, long waits,   high pricing, Etc.
DO GIVE US A CALL, we will email you a proposal, tailored to your company's requirements, guaranteed to exceed your current program in value, personal service and lower pricing. 

References and testimonials from our clients are readily available. 

when you Choose one of our Drug-Alcohol screening Programs, you'll have access to 100's of affiliate collection sites in every state, city and locality in the Continental United States to serve your employee Drug Testing needs.

For more information regarding these Drug Testing Programs, please call : (702) 498-9405,  Fred Tajbaksh, (TPA coordinator)


  • Laboratory Urine Drug Testing (non-DOT),

          urine Alcohol screen could be included

Specimen is collected and sent to Laboratory for Testing, using an immunoassay process and positive results are confirmed by a GC/MS process. 
Negative Results are usually reported the next day.
Positive results within 1 to 2 days.

  • Laboratory Urine Drug Testing  (DOT),

Required for the DOT Regulated Industry, such as Truck Drivers, Bus Drivers, Air Line Pilots, and other  Safety-Sensitive Jobs. Call us to find out if the  segment of your particular industry is regulated by DOT. (702) 498-9405
The Urine Specimen is collected following a Chain Of Custody Protocol and sent to our HHS approved Laboratory, the results are reported through the MRO (Medical Review Officer) in one to two business days. $50 per tested employee.
Annual DOT Random enrolment Fee: $30.  
DOT Breath Alcohol Testing: $30.

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